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  • Q1: What is LOLIS?
  • Q2: How big is LOLIS?
  • Q3: What is the core value of LOLIS?
  • Q4: What are the LOLIS main products and specialize in?
  • Q5: What can your products be used & applied?
  • Q6: Does LOLIS have any advantages of exporting products?
  • Q7:Can we get some faucet samples for test?
  • Q8:Can your factory print our logo/brand on the product?
  • Q9: Does your factory have the design and development capabilities, we need the customized products?
  • Q10: How is your factory production capability?
  • Q11:What are your FAUCETS quality standards?
  • Q12: What are your normal payment methods?
  • Q13:What are your credit terms?
  • Q14:What lead time you can offer?
  • Q15. What is your MOQ?
  • Q16: In the event of a problem can fix the products for us?
  • Q17:How many years quality guarantee for your faucets?

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